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Home is…

Home is when you feel happy. Home is what you love. Home makes you feel safe and feel loved. My home is my dog ,doing gymnastics and my really home . What’s your home? Home is drinking a nice warm cup of hot chocolate on my couch when I sit with my dog when she’s acting so cute. I love my home. My home is my really home and my special homes like my dog. Home is where memories are made. Home is awesome! I hope you visit my blog again.


Home Free!

Home Free
Hi everyone,

This is a post about my favorite singers Home Free. There the best singers in the world! The bass Tim even broke a speaker because his voice is so low when he signings.  There a They’re an a capella group that sings some country as well as  other music.

They have five members: Tim, Austin, Adam, Rob and the new member, Adam. Chance is what they call him.  The group was formed by Chris ( who has now left the group to perform solo) and Adam, his brother.

If you have ever watched The Sing Off you might know who they are. They won The Sing Off, which is where an  a cappella group perform. They have done a lot of songs. Mostly covers but some original. Some of my favorites are Country Fried Pop, Zombies and Hillbillies (which they did with Voice Play) and Try Everything. There’s a lot more but we’ll leave it at that.

They were booked for Jimmy Fallon but their flight got cancelled so they went on a talk show. They even went on the radio! My family went to see them live and it was so awesome and funny. They are all so funny and I would love to go to another concert so I would get to see the new guy Chance.

Do you know any a capella groups? If so what’s your favorite?

Thank you for reading my first choice post and I Hope you have a great day!