My camp experience!

(me doing the Leap of Faith)

I loved jumping off a 30-foot pole! Camp was amazing I know I will remember it for the rest of my life. At camp there were so many activities to do like the Leap of Faith, Giants Ladder, Possum Log, Burma Bridge kayaking, and a hike. The Leap of Faith is were you climb up a big pole that have staples in it so it easy to climb then stand on the top of the pole and jump off then try to catch a trapeze. If you catch the trapeze try to do a pull up because all the Adrenalin you will probably do one. The Giants Ladder is were you have a partner and you try to climb up a really big ladder that the logs are far apart. The Possum Log is were you climb up a cargo net then try to get on a log once you get on the log you can rather walk or scooch across to a tree named dug then you high five hug or kiss him then you lay down on the log and hang upside-down then let go. The Burma Bridge  is were you climb up a tree then you walk across some wire to go hug dug give him a high five or kiss him.

I learn so many lesson at camp like, to take risk because you will be happy that you did after words like when I jumped off of the Leap of Faith or when I walked across the Possum Log. But you don’t have to Take a risk by doing anything outside your comfort zone or just taking a risk.

If you go to an outside camp you should know, there’s going to be bugs! You shouldn’t always kill because some of them help you like spider they eat bug so there won’t always be bug in your cabin. Maybe kill them if there right above your bed though. A lot of people don’t like bug so you should respect that (unless they really over react)

Get sleep when you’re at camp so you have energy for all the cool things you’re going to do. Remember to bring warm and dry clothes for the night so you won’t be freezing all night. Wear warm dry sock and maybe even hoodie. If you’re in a cabin or something with other people don’t talk because you might keep other people awake so they will be tired. Make sure you don’t stay up the whole night because you might be grumpy in the morning.

Going to camp was really fun and I will remember this for the rest of my life! I am so thank full for everyone that help organize or arrange camp. I also am thankful for everyone that works at camp there all so nice.  I will remember all of the lessons. Camp rocks!

16 thoughts on “My camp experience!

  1. Hi Briana!
    Camp sounds really cool! I’m a bit on edge about going, but hearing about what you do there makes it sound super awesome!
    I like that you gave some advice about what to do when you’re there, like getting good sleep, and only killing bugs if it’s necessary.
    Cool post!

    • Hi Gabi,
      Thanks for comment on my blog! Camp is so fun, they make it fun even if your scared of height, scared of bugs or anything else. I’m so excited for camp this year. Have a great day.

  2. Hi briana
    From reading your post camp sounds really fun! I cant wait t to go to camp, and try out all of those activity. Thank you for the advice on how to get rid of bugs. I will take thees tips to camp and use them.
    From: Quinn

    • Hi Quinn,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I think that you will really like camp. The food there is DELICIOUS!
      I am so excited to go back. This year I want to get the leap of faith bar. Have a great day Bye.

    • Hi Annelise,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog it means a lot. The Leap of Faith is really fun and I hope to catch it this year when I go. Do you have any camps near you in Texas? If so have you been to any? Bye have a great day!

    • Hi Morgan,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. You just described the leap of faith perfectly it so fun but also a little scary I’m hoping this year I will catch the bar. I hope you have a great day bye.

    • Hi Nate,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog.
      Camp was fun and I’m so excited to go back. I think it will be so much fun. When we are there I hope we play predator and prey in the forest it was super fun. I hope you have a great day bye.

  3. Hi Brianna, its Jackson camp looks really fun I cant wait to go. What other things did you do there and what was your favourite activity at camp?
    Sincerely, Jackson

    • Hi Jackson,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. Some other things I did at camp was hang at the beach, ate some food, hang out with friends and played predator and prey. Predator and prey was so fun. We did it a little differently than we do at school. We had to find water and food to survive and there are different food chains. I can’t wait to go there again. My favorite thing was the Leap of Faith. This year I hope I will catch the bar. I hope you have a great day bye.

  4. Hi Briana,
    I really liked your post about camp. I have been to camp before too, and it’s really fun. Was yours overnight? Mine was, and I got to do something called the giant swing and high ropes.To be honest, I was a little bit scared, but once you flying it feels like you are doing a switch leap in gymnastics. (I do gymnastics) Go visit my blog post at Bye!

    • Hi crwen92d,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. My camp was overnight, we all stayed for two nights and three days. The Giant swing and the high ropes sounds so fun. I’ll make sure to visit your blog soon bye.

  5. Dear Briana,

    I remember when I went to science camp a few months ago. Although when my school went we only went on one zip line. I was pretty upset that we only went one time, but I am also grateful that I got a chance to go. While we were there we went on a night hike. It was really fun, but a bit scary. The scariest part is that we went on a SOLO night hike. I was scared to go hiking by myself in the night! The solo hike wasn’t that bad in the end. Also, it wasn’t very long. I wish it was longer. Make sure to come check out my blog post; here is the link:

    Giselle M.

    • Hi Giselle,
      Thanks for commenting on my Blog! The camp you went to sounds so fun! The Solo hike sound awesome. Did you really go into the wood on a hike alone or was there people with you? I will make sure to check out your blog soon. I hope you had a great day bye!

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