La maison hantée

This is my haunted house that I made in French class. I would like you to notice my blood dripping down the door. My favourite part is my ghost coming out of the chimney.



2 thoughts on “La maison hantée

  1. Hi Briana
    I like your la maison hantee. it is cool how you’r ghost looks like it coming out of the chimney. it is really creepy how the blood is coming down the door. I would never thought of that on my la maison hantee the only really creepy thing I had was a clown coming out of the window

    Happy Blogging, Braxton

    • Hi Braxton,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! the clown coming out of a window sounds pretty creepy, is that your favorite part of your La maison hantee? If I did this project again I would make everything more smooth so it looks real. I hope you have a great day bye!

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