Death in Space by Rescue Rocket

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

Hello everyone have you ever wonder about  how you could die in space, well this is the post for you! Watch the video, then read my post about the scenario I choice. I hope you enjoy.

The rescue,

Hello journal, my friends think you’re a diary but I call you a journal. Anyway today Fred’s gotten worse, he has thrown up seven times (which just floated everywhere). We have got in touch with F.A.S.A and they have sent a rocket to come help us with Fred. They will be here in 21 minutes and 32 seconds oh now 30 seconds. I just took a nap, Fred sat in pain and Larry wondered the planet looking for alien life. The rescue rocket will be here in 11 minutes. We are all pacing anxiously waiting for it to come. Larry found a red smoke bomb that we can use to signal the rescue rocket.We are going to explorer the plant when Fred gets better. I can see them in the distance. I hope they will be here soon.  We see them, we see them there getting close. It kind of looks like there getting a little to close, like right over top of us. Oh oh no there going to land on top of us! NOO!

Thanks for reading my post is there any other way you think you could die in space comment it down below and make sure to leave your blog URL so I can visit your blog. I hope you have a great day bye!


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