5 thoughts on “Your Opinion Matters!

  1. Hi Brianna! i noticed that you commented on my friend emma’s blog so i thought i would have l look at yours! i love the idea of pet rocks! i know i cant buy one because we dont live close to eachother ( i live in ontario) but i did fill out your survey!

    keep up the good blogging!


    Check out my blog: http://ellaa8b.edublogs.org/

    • Hi Ella,
      Thank you so much for doing my survey! Anyone who does my survey is helping me in my project. I will make sure to check out your blog. Bye

  2. Hello Briana,
    My name is Kyla i live in Canada, Manitoba, Arborg! But some people call me Katherine, so either one is okay to me! I don’t live where your guys are living so sorry, but I did do your survey! I like your blog hope you come and check out our blog’s! Bye Briana!
    Kyla (Katherine) <3 =)

    • Hi Kyla,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and doing survey. I hope that the survey went well and everything worked fine. I will make sure to check out your blog. I hope you have a great day bye!

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