Emergency preparedness kit!

Electrical TsunamiCreative Commons License fdecomite via Compfight

Hi everyone,

Think, if a natural or non natural disaster happened in the middle of the night what would you do? We have been talking about disasters and we have to write a post about what we would put in an emergency kit for your bedside table. Things I would put in would be

A flashlight so if it’s dark and we have to go outside so we can see.

I would also bring a couple of band aid so if me or anyone else gets hurt I can help them.

Some granola bars (or food that won’t go bad) and some water if you have to stay outside or somewhere else for a long time.  

A pocket knife so you can cut stuff (if you need to) or mark here you are so if you get lost (like if you’re in the forest or something like that).

Something that make you warm like a pocket warmer or something like that.

Maybe a radio(like the ones you crank so it last forever) so you can keep updated from what has happened.

What would you put in your emergency kit? Leave it in the comments(make sure to leave your blog URL I can visit your blog) and don’t forget to have an awesome day!