All About Me!

Comox Valley, British Columbia,Canada
Comox Valley, British Columbia,Canada


My name is Briana. I am 11 years old and I live in beautiful Comox Valley.

I have three animals: one dog named Rosie and two guinea pigs named Hershey and Maple. My favorite sport is gymnastics. I’m in advanced. I really love to swim but just for fun. I really like to travel and I’ve been to many different places and maybe I’ll blog about some of them.

I love to watch movies. Some of my favorites are The Swap and Ghostbusters (the girl version). My favorite snack is popcorn. My favorite season is summer, fall or winter I can’t decide. I have one brother who is 13. My favorite app is YouTube. I said what my favorite movie is so can you say what your favorite movie is? Have a great day.


6 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. Hi B!!

    Do you know when Home Free is playing next in Canada? I like them.. Not love but I do like them.
    My favourite movie is Princess Bride.
    What are you going to be for Halloween?

    Talk to you later! Xo auntie Nor

    • Hi Auntie Noreen,
      I don’t know if Home Free if coming Back to Canada. For Halloween I’m being a unicorn (it’s a onesie).
      I hope you have a puntastic day.

  2. Hi Bri-Bri,
    Your guinea pigs are so CUTE! I do enjoy popcorn aswell it’s probobly in my top 5 snacks. My favourite movie is either ET because he is so adorable or the fifth wave…… IT IS SOOOOOO GOOD! I really like swimming just for fun as well.
    Have a wonderful day,

    • Hi Kayley,
      Maybe I’ll check out the Fifth Wave because I’ve never seen it before. If you were to get another pet what kind of pet would it be?
      I think I would get a chinchilla or a cat(even though my mom is allergic). I hope you have a great day.

      • Hi Briana,
        If I had to get another pet I would probably get a ferret! The way that they just stare at you with there beady eyes and I know that they are just saying “Take me home with you” ( I know that because I speak fluent ferret) One second let me get out my English to ferret dictionary. Here I got it …..wait I can read your mind you are asking me to say ” I like cotton candy” Here it ist” Meep Moop Boop Bop” Do you like my ferret? Thanks for taking the time to read my strange comment!
        Have a great day,

        • Hi Kayley,
          That was a very strange comment. But its totally you. You need to teach me how to speak ferret! I can only speak English and a little chinchilla I’ll say I like cotton candy squeak squeak SQUEAK!
          I know I know it was amazing. Ok bye Kayley and I hope you have an awesome day!

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