Goodbye grade 6

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Hello everyone,

My last day of school is coming up very soon witch means its going to be summer! But that also mean I will be going into grade 7 next your so I might not post as much or at all. I will try to post if I’m not to busy. I would like to thank edublogs for giving me this opportunity to write about anything I wanted to. It’s giving me such a great learning experience. I can not thank edublogs enough. I would also like to thank guys for reading my blog. You guys are so amazing and I couldn’t do this without you. Everyone who commented or even just read my blog was apart of my blog. So thank you. I hope you all have a great day THANK YOU!!



7 thoughts on “Goodbye grade 6

  1. Hey Briana!!
    I know that summer is over now but how was your summer!! Leaving grade 6 was hard for me cause I had so many friends going to highland and it was sad but we have started the new year which is great!! I had a great time visiting your blog!!
    Happy Blogging!!

    • Hi jack,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! My summer was pretty fun. I was in my cousins wedding, I was the junior bridesmaid. It was hard leaving all are grade 7 friends(I guess now there in grade 8) but I’m excited to see them next year! I hope you have a great day bye.

  2. Hello, Briana
    Grade 6 was fun but am very excited to be in grade 7 now its been great so far. I love how you talk so much about how thankful you are. It makes me so happy when there is so much to be thankful for 🙂 I don`t know why the end of the school year is so emotional I cried like a baby it was kinda funny but not really lol.
    I hope we stay Friends for the rest of our lives.
    great writing for you.
    Sincerely, the little Turtle (Chloe)

    • Hi Chloe (or little turtle)
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! Grade 6 was really fun and I am going to miss all the things we did but I’m excited for a new year of great memories. I cried on the last day of school to because all my grade 8 friend were going to high school but I’ll see them next year. I hope we stay friends forever to because your really sweet and I love hanging out with you. Have a great day! Bye.

  3. Dear Briana,

    I am happy that you liked sixth grade, but am sad to see that you are leaving it. I hope that seventh grade will be as fun! If you would like, you can visit my blog here, and learn lots!


    • Hi Rohan,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will be starting to post blog posts again because the school year started back up again and I was luck enough to get Ms. Smith again so I will keep blog trough out this year. I will make sure to come check your blog out. I hope you have a great day bye.

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