Home Free!

Home Free
Hi everyone,

This is a post about my favorite singers Home Free. There the best singers in the world! The bass Tim even broke a speaker because his voice is so low when he signings.  There a They’re an a capella group that sings some country as well as  other music.

They have five members: Tim, Austin, Adam, Rob and the new member, Adam. Chance is what they call him.  The group was formed by Chris ( who has now left the group to perform solo) and Adam, his brother.

If you have ever watched The Sing Off you might know who they are. They won The Sing Off, which is where an  a cappella group perform. They have done a lot of songs. Mostly covers but some original. Some of my favorites are Country Fried Pop, Zombies and Hillbillies (which they did with Voice Play) and Try Everything. There’s a lot more but we’ll leave it at that.

They were booked for Jimmy Fallon but their flight got cancelled so they went on a talk show. They even went on the radio! My family went to see them live and it was so awesome and funny. They are all so funny and I would love to go to another concert so I would get to see the new guy Chance.

Do you know any a capella groups? If so what’s your favorite?

Thank you for reading my first choice post and I Hope you have a great day!


14 thoughts on “Home Free!

  1. Hello Briana,
    I enjoyed your blog very much. I also love a Capella music. When I was younger my favourite group was the Nylons. The song I enjoyed most of theirs is “the lion sleeps tonight “. They have great animal sounds and harmonies. It is harmony that made me join the choir in high school.
    Do you enjoy harmony also? If so, have you had the chance to feel it in a choir?

    Deniece Rowe

    • Hi Auntie Denice,
      I like harmony but I like there personalities more and the songs they sing. Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a puntastic day.

  2. Hi Briana,
    I had a feeling you were going to do this as your first post! 🙂
    As you probably know my favorite a Capella group is PTX which stands for Pentatonix.
    Bye and don’t forget, Have a cake-filled day

    • Hi Jayden,
      Thanks for commenting. It’s not surprising that you knew that i’ll do a post on Home Free.
      I also like Pentatonix. I hope you have a good day.

  3. Briana,

    As you know I am a huge fan of Home Free as well. Who is your favourite member? I think mine is Adam because he is an amazing beat boxer.

    • Hi Mom,
      My favorite person kin the group is Austin or Tim. Because Austin is a little weird like me and Tim his voice is so low and he’s funny. I hope you have a puntastic day.

  4. Hi Briana,

    I have listened to Home Free ones or twice and they all have amazing voices! I don’t really have a favourite Capella group but my favourite singer is Taylor Swift. I agree with Jayden that I was not surprised that you chose Home Free to write your first post on!
    Have a wonderful day

    • Hey Kayley,
      Thanks for commenting. I like Taylor Swift to, but I still say Home Free is my favorite. I hope you had a puntastic day.

  5. Hey Briana I’m Ethan from Texas in Mrs. Kreises English class and I thought this band was really cool even though I’ve never even heard of this band they sound awesome. I hope you could maybe point me in the direction of there greatest songs. Rock Out! 🤘

    • Hi Ethan, Thanks for commenting. I think one of there best songs are Country Fried Pop,Honey I’m good and The Ring Of Fire. Country Fried Pop is a song with a bunch of song in it.
      I hope you have a great day.

    • Hi Hailey, Thanks for looking at my blog. I hope you like Home Free. Did you know home free won the sing off the year after Penatonix did? Also Avi is in a couple of Home Free songs to like Ring of fire and Champagne Taste. I hope you will visit my blog again and have an awesome day.

    • Hi 21hopksb,
      my favorite singer in the group is Adam,Tim or Austin I can’t choose one. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I hope you come again. I hope you have a great day.

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