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Hey everyone, today I’m going to be writing a post using the alphebet ! Let start!

I love to eat apples with Nutella. My first name is Briana. I really like to eat cucumbers with my dinner. I have a dog and she’s very fluffy. I think elephants are cool and I want to ride one. I do not like most fish except for lemon pepper salmon. Gymnastics is my favorite sport. My favorite band is Home Free their a Capella group. I do not like ice skating because it hurts my feet too much. I do not like jam on toast comma not even strawberry. I have held a baby kangaroo. I can do leaps on the beam. My favorite is straight leapMy favorite month is December because I love Christmas and snow. I love watching Netflix. I want to travel to Ottawa when I’m older. I have three pets,  one dog and two guinea pigs. I like to do things quickly especially chores. I get rips from gymnastics when I uses the bars. I love spaghetti with tomato suace. I wont to travel all around the world. I wont to go to Utah and visit the grand Canyon . I only like some vegetables other I hate. I love to get wet like go swimming in the river or my pool. I have never had got an X-ray before and I hope I never do. I love to do Y-scales every time I’m on a beam. I think that Zebras are cool and I wont to meet a baby one because  there so cute.

That’s the alphabet! It was fun to write. Thank you so much for reading this post. Make sure to comment what your favorite sentence and leave your blog url so I can visit your blog. Have an awesome day bye!


11 thoughts on “ABC Post!

  1. I liked this post. It was VERY creative. The sentences were very funny and interesting. Nice Blog!

  2. HI,
    Um I think we are guinea pig buddies now I have 1 dog and 2 guinea pigs too + one lazy cat :).
    I liked the sentence that involved the spaghetti.
    This is very interesting but try separating the paragraph a little more so it is easier to read.
    I love this post!

    (PS: i love your pet, the pink hedgehog)

    • Hi Journey,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! What are your guinea pigs,dog and cat names? Thanks for the feed back I’ll try to do that more. Bye have an awesome day!

  3. Hello Brianna!
    I loved how use intertwined your amazing life into the alphabet! You have done so many exciting things! I am a big fan of you detail, it gives people a bit more information on you ideas. I also love how you were quick and to the point when you explained what this blog post was going to focus on. I hope you have fun with your future posts! If you have some time, see my blog, the URL is

    • Hi Morgan,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. This is a really good comment. There will be more blog posts coming soon. I’ll make sure to come visit your blog. bye.

  4. Hey Briana. I’m Kaylee from Mrs. Kriese class in Texas. I thought that this post was really creative and it looked really fun to type. You said that you like to swim in a river and in your pool, I wish I have a pool because I’m a competitive swimmer and I would love to get more practice time. You also said that you have a pet dog, I dont have one but I really want one. What breed is your dog and what’s its name? My favorite breeds are Husky, Pomeranian and German Shepherds. I hope you can check out my blog, the URL is . Bye!!!

  5. Hi Briana. My name is Karli from Mrs. Kriese’s class from Texas. I think it is so cool that you do gymnastics, do you do it competitively or just for fun, I do dance competitively. I also used to have a dog and 2 guinea pigs but they all died, so now I have 2 dogs and a mule. I also LOVE Netflix it’s so great. I think you sound cool and if you would like to learn more about me go to my blog at

    • Hi Karli,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am getting all my gymnastics routines ready so I can compete in February. That will be my first competition and I’m so excited. I think that it’s so cool that you have a mule! I will make sure to visit your blog soon. I hope you have a great day bye.

      • What is your strength beam, bar, floor or vault. Well I hope you do great at that competition. I have a competition in December.

        • Hi Karli,
          My strength is probably floor because I am flexible and I have a lot of energy for power. My best skill is probably an Ariel but I’m really close to getting my round off back handspring . I hope you have a great day bye.

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